To provide a portal for people to begin their journey in real estate

To equip new agents with the knowledge and foundation needed to begin a successful real estate career


                                      MATT FORD

Matt’s experience in real estate provides our students with an in-depth knowledge of real estate. Matt is a Missouri Licensed Real Estate Appraiser and Missouri Licensed Broker whose vision is to educate and coach the future top agents of our industry.

Matt is the Team Leader of The Matt Ford Team. He is a real estate professional versed in all aspects of real estate transactions, including managing the development and execution of representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, appraisals, deeds and leases. Most importantly, Matt is a husband and father to four boys. He can often be found on the field coaching football or baseball.

                                        ANNA FORD

Anna brings her experience in education and her deep understanding of effective instruction to our school. She has worked in education as an elementary teacher, a graduate instructor, an adult educator, and an instructional coach. She is currently a Missouri Licensed Real Estate Agent and a part of The Matt Ford Team.

Anna is passionate about learning and growth. She works tirelessly to help each person find out how he/she learns best. Her goal is to equip all learners with the skills they need to be successful. Anna is a wife and mom of four boys. She loves spending time with her family and spends much of that time at baseball parks and football fields.

What people are saying about us...
"My Wife and I just finished completing the Mo. Real Estate Salesperson course that Matt and Anna offered and we both passed our national and state exam on the first try. Matt and Anna have an excellent classroom setup that make learning very easy. We both had no experience in the real estate field but they explained everything so we were able to understand the different terminolgy and gave us examples of how to deal with everything that lies ahead. They have also been there for us after the course for any questions that have arose. Once we get established, we are going to encourage our children to get their real estate license and will be sending them to their course. If you are interested in obtaining your real estate license, then this is the course for you. Thanks again Matt and Anna."
~Dave Sims
"I recently took Matt's class and really enjoyed the way he presented the material. No boring lectures, encouraged everyone to participate and made sure everyone understood and learned the information needed to pass the exam and be successful afterwards. Well worth the cost to successfully learn the material and pass the exam on the first try."
~Dennis Feezor

"I could not have asked for better teachers than Matt and Anna! I passed my real estate exam on the first try and they made learning the information so easy. Great people and a great time, I can’t thank them enough! Would recommend to everyone looking to start or continue their education in real estate!"
~Tristen Bates

My husband and I took Matt’s class and he is an amazing teacher! I am not usually a good test taker, in this case I passed first time.  All the credit for that goes to his amazing teaching skills. Wonderful teacher and person all around!
~Jaden Baird
"Matt taught one of our continuing education classes on Code of Ethics. He made this class extremely interesting and engaging. Best CE class I have taken. You would have a great experience with any classes Matt or Anna teach."
~Victoria Drake DeForest
I took Matt’s course after being a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser before making the decision to start my own team at Keller Williams. I have taken over 50 real estate courses in my 15 year real estate career and I have never taken a more fun, educating and beneficial course for the value. If your thinking of joining the real estate business then Matt’s class is the only way to get started!! So glad I took Matt’s class and I learned a great deal of knowledge after several years in the business."            
~Brad Krantz
"Took Matt's class and passed my exam on the first try! Really enjoyed the real life scenarios that brought the material to life. Fully recommend this class!"
~Angelique Daut